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Self Defense Is The Jewish Right

JDL launches website in the United Kingdom

Published on 11 July 2017

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Originally founded in 1968 in New York City by Rabbi Meir KaHane Z''L, the Jewish Defense League or JDL has its roots in the neighbour, where it has always sought to protect the Jewish Community. Focused upon its five principals, the JDL globally speaks with one voice, to stop anti-Semitism wherever festers.

Opposing anti-Jewish campaigns, such as the BDS movement, and hate speech aimed at the Jewish Nation of Israel, the JDL repeats its mantra "Never Again" to remind the world of the horrible crimes committed against the Jewish people and to pass on the warning that such acts will never happen twice.

Bill White, founder and CEO of WireNews established the JDL UK to carry the message forward during a time when increased hate and anti-Semitism appears unchecked by the authorities in the United Kingdom. The dramatic increase in Islamic fundamentalism, radical hate speech and repeated attacks against Jewish people in Europe and the UK are reported on in the press daily with no end in sight.

"We're looking for leaders in every community, not only the Jewish Community, to step up and form local Chapters of the JDL UK," said White.

"It's time to protect the rights of Jews by exposing those people in the UK who would promote hate and seek to harm our people," White added.


For more information about the JDL UK visit http://www.jdluk.org. Like the JDL UK on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jewishdefenseuk and Follow it on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/jewishdefenseuk. Donate: http://www.jdluk.org/donate.


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Posted 2017-07-11 08:31:00