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Montgomery High School Is Run By A 'Bunch Of Nuts'

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Published on 15 February 2017

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by Bill White



Montgomery High School
Montgomery High School

Today, my youngest daughter was forced to call me during class, while her 'art' teacher, at Montgomery High School, in Bispham, near Blackpool Lancashire, laid into her, yelling at the top of her lungs because, according to Miss G Lennox, my daughter had "used too much of [her] paper". I know this because I heard Lennox shouting at my daughter like a raving lunatic.

According to one of the school's administrators, who spoke to my daughter after five teachers were sent to control Lennox, "sometimes teachers have to yell to get their message across". Really?

But this isn't the first time this has happened and the technique of yelling, combined with 'getting in the face' of the student is employed by several teachers at Montgomery High School.

My daughter has previously filmed her maths teacher shouting down the house at her and other students. Two years ago, another of her teachers dragged my daughter out of her chair at lunch by her handbag and still another teacher struck my daughter after she was out of sight of cameras.

In each case Administrators offered a hollow apology but justified the behaviour or simply denied that it every happened, even in the face of video proof.

Montgomery High School is chock full o' nuts in my opinion. This high school is run by a group of misfits and malcontents, who should be denied access to children. 

And while on the subject of the violent behaviour of its teachers, it’s been more than a year after the alleged ‘threats’ to students that was dubbed the 'Monty Massacre' and still police have not solved the crime.

Were these so-called 'threats' all just a stunt by the Administrators of Montgomery High School to obtain more funding for ‘beefed up security’; funds that were used on other things? Or were police actively engaged in a scheme to fit-up an innocent man? Remember, there wasn’t a shred of evidence linking the man police originally arrested and then there's that unfortunate peak into his file a month before the alleged crime... by police.

What we do know is that police are no longer looking for anyone for the crime. Is that because they were behind the bogus 'threats' to begin with? Or are police victims themselves, having been used as mugs by Montgomery High School Administrators?

It's looking to me like someone made the whole thing up. But whom?

Bill White is the founder and CEO of WireNews Limited.


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Posted 2017-02-15 15:54:00