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Unscheduled Power Cuts Increasing Residents' Miseries

Residents Seeking A Permanent Solution To The Problem

Published on 14 July 2017

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by Doruvu Paul Jagan Babu



(Source: Andhra Jyothi/PIB/GR/TYP/BIN/USPA/WN/IAIJ)
(Source: Andhra Jyothi/PIB/GR/TYP/BIN/USPA/WN/IAIJ)

Despite the implementation of 24/7 power supply by the state government, the unscheduled power cuts have kept growing now a days in Proddatur. Especially, due to the unscheduled power cuts in the evening and night times, people’s miseries are untellable in certain areas. Official power cuts were there on Tuesday, but the following two days the power cuts were unofficial.

‘There have been regular power cuts of half-an-hour to 3 hours now a days, sometimes late in the night’, says a resident of Rameshwaram, adding that this has been the situation for the last one month.

‘Unscheduled power cuts have been happening for half-an-hour to an hour for the last one month’, says another resident of Vasanthapet.

The residents expressed the serious concern over the unscheduled power cuts, are seeking the interference of the officials to bring a permanent halt to this problem.

(Source: Andhra Jyothi/PIB/GR/TYP/BIN/USPA/WN/IAIJ)/Proddatur


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Posted 2017-07-14 14:53:00