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Company Provides Venture Capital For The Medical Marijuana Industry

Published on 07 May 2014

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by Dennis Smith


Toronto, Canada

More than 400 applications have been received by Health Canada to become the historic chosen few to be accepted by Health Canada as authorized, licensed producers of Medical Marijuana. The application process is so stringent that only nine applicants have been approved.

As the April 1, 2014 licensing deadline approaches, it is apparent that a crisis is developing that has Health Canada officials worried. It appears that Medical Marijuana production levels may not be enough to meet the patient demand. Canadian Medical Marijuana patients were approved last year to consume 190,000 kilograms of dried cannabis.

Paul Wylie, CEO of Burlington Ontario based Can Med Marijuana Inc. said,

“We regarded the producer situation as a possible catastrophe in the making. And we recognized the need to provide licensees with enough venture capital to assist them in building the necessary infrastructure to meet the demand.”

Med Can Marijuana Inc. has opened their doors to all inquiries with a new web site designed to be both informational and practical.

About Med Can Marijuana Inc.

Med Can is a venture capital firm dedicated to the Canadian Medical Marijuana industry.

Med Can recognizes the many pitfalls facing a cannabis startup and we are committed ensuring that the licensees are successful. The company also intends to maintain its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. For more information, please visit http://www.medcanmarijuana.com.

About Paul Wylie

Mr. Wylie was a Founder and Director of operations of Hempagro Inc. – a research and development company. In 1997, Hempagro successfully planted the first hemp crop in Nicaragua, Central America. Hempagro under Mr. Wylie’s guidance developed a tropical strain Zolgunica95. Mr. Wylie is also the author of Hemp Conspiracy, a must-read book for those growing cannabis in the tropics.

To learn more about Med Can Marijuana, please contact Dennis Smith as noted below.


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Posted 2014-05-07 06:38:00