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Weight Loss In 2014 - Using The Power Of Your Mind And Not Will Power

Weight Loss: Is Hypno-Band, Hypnosis Band, Virtual Gastric Lapband Hypnotherapy A Solution for Successful Weight Loss?

Published on 03 January 2014

by Todd Stofka


Philadelphia, PA

Stop Holiday Overeating Todd Stofka Named Best Quit Smoking Hypnosis Coach Being Thin and Trim
Stop Holiday Overeating

Hypnosis for weight loss presents a highly effective, safe and natural way to lose weight without starving, spending a fortune, or going under the knife says Todd Stofka Master Hypnotist and Weight Loas Expert. Hypnotherapy is an excellent weight loss management tool because unlike any other treatment, it works by changing the way a person thinks and feels, not only about food, but about yourself.

For many people, the word hypnosis immediately brings to mind old-fashioned images of swaying pocket watches and travelling magicians at variety show performances. In truth, modern hypnosis has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with the very real power and possibilities of the human mind. Drawing on clinical psychology, cognitive behavior therapy and traditional hypnosis methods, hypnotherapy works by exploring the unconscious mind to reach an understanding of why we behave the way that we do. By replacing harmful, often deep-rooted thoughts and beliefs with positive feelings and encouragement, hypnotherapy patients are able to work through their problems with surprising ease, renewed energy and motivation.

The power of hypnosis to transform the way we think, feel and behave is particularly helpful when it comes to weight loss management. Many people neglect the underlying emotional factors behind their weight problems and can often get caught in a vicious cycle of comfort eating to ease feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. A certified hypnotherapist will work their patients to help overcome the emotional obstacles that stop them from losing weight and will do so in an environment that’s friendly, relaxing and fun.

What’s remarkable about hypnosis is the way it lays bare the impact that the mind can have on the body. Hypnotherapy can “trick” the mind, and consequently, the stomach, into believing that it is full after a tiny meal. By using aversion techniques, positive self-belief strategies and the power of thought association, It will help a person realize the difference between needing, and simply wanting to eat, and stamp out unhealthy cravings for good!

The perfect union of the mind and body association is Hypno-Band, an innovative new treatment in weight loss hypnosis that is perfect for patients with a BMI over 25. It works by reprogramming the unconscious mind to believe that actual gastric band surgery has taken place. The body responds by restricting the amount of food that can be comfortably eaten before feeling completely full and satisfied.  Patients of the Hypno-Band system enjoy successful long term weight loss in a safe and natural manner without the need for expensive and painful surgical procedures.

With The Stofka Method of Hypno-Gastric Lap Band, virtual surgery, there are no risks, no side effects, no need to be hospitalized, and it is very cost-effective. Many dieters are now considering the use of this revolutionary weight loss system. In fact, the Hypno-Band procedure is 100% safe and the long-term solution for successful and healthy weight loss.

Try losing weight with hypnosis, it really works!  Start your weight loss journey now by calling 877-557-7409or visiting:  www.HypnosisBand.com or Hypno-Band Weight Loss

Todd Stofka is available at the organization by phone at 877-557-7409.

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Posted 2014-01-03 17:12:00