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Three Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Is Nonexistent Says Todd Stofka Weight Loss Expert In Philadelphia

When you think diet, you think failure, starving, deprivation and more. No wonder you can not lose weight, your plan is destine to keep you fat

Published on 14 February 2014

by Todd Stofka


Philadelphia, PA

Todd Stofka Named Best Quit Smoking Hypnosis Coach
Todd Stofka Named Best Quit Smoking Hypnosis Coach

At your wits end struggling to lose weight Philadelphia and trying to figure out why the scales are not moving?  Below you will find three of the most common reasons why you are not losing weight.

#1 - Skipping Breakfast

 Contrary to some people's beliefs, skipping meals, especially breakfast, will not help you lose weight.  Eating breakfast within a half hour of getting up will start up your metabolism.  Your revved up metabolism will help burn calories.  Eating a nutritious breakfast helps even more.  If you eat breakfast, you are also less likely to be starving by lunchtime, which is when you tend to overdo it by eating more than you should.

#2 - Failure to confront your emotional eating

 If you, like many of us, eat when you are stressed, tired, bored, sad, mad, lonely, etc., you could be eating your emotions.  By doing this you are finding comfort in the food, which mellows out your mood.  This is very common, as many of us find food a comfort from the days when our parents used to prepare us food to make us feel better.  Using food for comfort will most certainly affect your eating plan.  The healthiest way to approach eating is to eat when you are hungry, and only when you are hungry.  Your body will let you know when it is ready to process more food, and if you give it any more than it can handle, that food will end up as extra fat.

#3 - Weighing yourself too often

 When undergoing a new diet or weight loss plan, many people take to tracking their progress by weighing themselves every day.  This can pose a problem to your weight loss efforts because your weight can fluctuate on any given day without regard to how hard you have been working.  The real measure of your weight change is your average weight over a longer period of time, like several weeks.  From day to day, your weight can change a great deal due only to how much water or salt you are retaining and this has nothing to do with real weight loss.  Another good method for determining how well you are doing with your weight loss is how your clothes feel.  Using your clothes as a barometer for success is more meaningful than the numbers on a scale.

Todd Stofka, founder of Philly Hypnosis Performance and Weight Loss Expert says, "If you can avoid these three common errors in your own weight loss plans, you will be one step closer to real weight loss!  

What action can you take to make this transformaiton. 

1. Call and schedule your one on one customized private program Philadelphia weight loss.

2. Attend our Living Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Classes. These classes are in the Philadelphia area. Click the link for more information.

3. Work with us one on one via Skype. Call us at 877-557-7409

4. At home method with customized hypnosis recording that  Stofka has created  new audio called Getting Started. Using the experience from 2001 of  clinical weight-loss expertise and relaxing hypnotic design, this  helps refocus the mind to get over the hurdles that most people losing weight experience. Its easy, relaxing format helps.

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Todd Stofka is available for trainings and interviews by phone at 877-557-7409.

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Posted 2014-02-13 07:26:00