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3 Sports Psychology Lessons Seen At The BSC Championship By Jameis Winston Says Todd Stofka

Sports psychology mental training getting into the zone is the key difference to win football, baseball, golf, hockey; Sports Performance Training Philadelphia

Published on 07 January 2014

by Todd Stofka


Philadelphia, PA

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Todd Stofka Named Best Quit Smoking Hypnosis Coach

Sports Psychology and winning the mental game showed up at the BSC Championship, says Todd Stofka Sports Mental Performance Expert with all the media hype and school pressure on who would be the top college football team.

"Hollywood could not have scripted a better ending to the BCS era in college football. Following great endings in each of the previous BCS bowl games, the BCS Championship Game did not disappoint. Down four points with just over a minute to play, Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston was charged with having to lead the Seminoles 80 yards for the game-winning score, and he delivered. A short pass over the middle to Kelvin Benjamin was held on to for a go-ahead touchdown with just 13 seconds to play.Auburn, the team of destiny heading in to the title game, had seen their magic run out, andFloridaState brought a death-blow to the SEC’s BCS championship winning streak in the final BCS Championship Game to be played." By Kevin McGuire

FloridaState34, Auburn 31.

3 Sports Psychology Lessons seen at the BSC Championship

1. Don’t back down, stand up and go for it.

JAMEIS WINSTON: I was ready. I wanted to be in that situation because that's what great quarterbacks do. That's what the Tom Bradys, Peyton Mannings, Drew Brees, that's what they do. Any quarterback can go out there and perform when they're up 50 0 in the second quarter. That's what you're judged by, especially by your teammates. I'm pretty sure I got more respect from my teammates and the people around now on that last drive than I got the whole year.

2. Remember past successes to reignite confidence.

JAMEIS WINSTON: Well, I had to go back to playing Florida State football, and that's one thing that I did in the Duke game, that's one thing that I did in the Miami game. As a quarterback you've got to always believe that you are never bigger than the game, and I was out there, I was so outcome oriented, I was like, man, I'm trying to blow these boys out. I had to remember, hey, I've got to respect the game. I've got teammates around me. I've got a team for a reason, so I can't go out there and do stuff by myself. I took the initiative in the second half, hey, guys, we're here for a reason, and I was like, I'm going to get on my 'A' game, I'm going to start doing what I need to do. We're not going to have any more turnovers. I said, guys, if we don't turn the ball over we're going to win the game, and we had one turnover in the first half and then in the second half we didn't turn the ball over, and we won.

3. Getting refocused and in the zone after a mistake.

JAMEIS WINSTON: Yeah, after I fumbled I was good since then. I mean, sometimes like me being a young quarterback sometimes you've got to mess up first for you to be - when I fumbled I was like I can't mess up anymore, guys. If I go out there and throw some people, I already fumbled. Like turnovers is on the column by me, I fumbled the football. I mean, I'm focused, I'm going down here for me. I was like, there's nothing to lose now, I already messed up.

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Contact: Todd Stofka, info (at) phillyhypnosis (dot) .com 877-557-7409

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Posted 2014-01-07 20:44:00