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BCAA & Glutamine - The Building Blocks Of Life

Much has been said about the importance of Amino Acids, which are essentially the building blocks of any protein-type food

Published on 26 June 2014

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by Press Office

(SEOSamba and WireNews)

New York, NY

Much has been said about the importance of Amino Acids, which are essentially the building blocks of any protein-type food. And why are those so critical, you may ask? Well, if you are trying to build muscle groups and simply increase the effectiveness of your body-building routines, nothing compares to the effect of amino acids! Look, simply put, these are the building parts of your entire body. Much like building a LEGO puzzle, adding new and critical blocks to the structure only strengthens and improves the project. Our bodies are no different and adding strong building blocks to the "puzzle" does wonders to the overall results. 

With BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) natural supplements anyone can easily and effectively leverage the way the body responds to a workout. As you burn calories during a body-building routine, the main thing to avoid is burning muscles as well - but that, in fact, is the biggest fear, as without the proper supplements and natural herbal solutions, you may end up destroying more muscle mass than you will ever gain!

But here is the thing that most people may not know. BCAAs are essential to the needs of a body, especially a body that actively works out and "builds", and yet our bodies do not produce them on their own! Getting them from the foods we eat is certainly possible, but let's be realistic - you'd have to be a nutritional scientist to know precisely what and when to intake.

BCAA & Glutamine natural supplement servings by Vitamin Prime are unique and in fact revolutionary, as they fill the gap created by our inability to create sufficient amount of Amino Acids. What's more, the incredible synergistic combination of BCAAs and Glutamine has been proven as the most essential for not only effectively adding Amino Acids into the system, but also truly leveraging the ability of our muscles to regenerate and repair on their own. Glutamine, by definition, helps support the body in times of stress, and body building - although not stressful on the nervous system - creates a great deal of stress on the body (the good stress!).

Bottom line, the combination of BCAA and Glutamine, as presented by Vitamin Prime, has been proven to promote a much healthier gain in muscle mass and overall strength, while keeping things as natural and "clean" as possible. As we continue to improve the unique formula, these effects will only continue to get better, more effective and significantly more efficient.

About Health Solution USA

Health Solution USA is a US-based direct-selling company that manufactures and markets tablets and encapsulated all-natural pure herbal products, high-quality natural vitaminsbody-building productsfood supplements, sports drinks, energy drinks and other complementary products. Health Solution USA has established a unique and substantial presence in the beverage industry with five brands under the trademarks of Coco Life, Coffee Life, Philly Iced Tea, and Aloe Vera Life.

Our manufacturing capacities have expanded and we’re able to bring even more good things to you. As one of the most technologically advanced supplement manufacturers in the United States, we continue to push the boundaries forward on quality research, testing and introducing new ingredients. We offer over 200 premium nutritional and natural products, including single herbs and herbal extracts, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and specialty products.


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Posted 2014-06-26 09:25:00