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Vegan Alert: Newly Released 100% Vegan Digestive Enzyme And Probiotic Supplement Gathering Rave Reviews On Amazon

Previously only available to doctors, Purely Scientific has now released their signature product “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” which is rapidly gathering loyal customers across the country

Published on 25 October 2013

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by Donald B. Opp


Phoenix, AZ

Doctor Recommended Supplements Provide Hope Vegan-Friendly!
Doctor Recommended Supplements Provide Hope

Anyone who has either knows a vegetarian or vegan, or may happen to even be one, certainly is aware of how careful one must be when reading food labels.  Nowadays, all sorts of surprising ingredients can be included.

Many people may carefully read menu labels and food labels from the grocery store.   While this once may have been a behavior only of ‘crazy health fanatics’, it is now considered a common behavior of a large percentage of Americans.

However, while vegans and vegetarians carefully review the food choices they make, they sometimes get complacent when choosing which supplements they consume.

While supplements may seem entirely innocuous, that is not the case.

Take digestive enzymes, for example.  Known by many to deliver excellent benefits to one’s health and digestion, very few ever pause to consider if the product may be vegan or vegetarian.  This is a common mistake.

Truth be told, the vast majority of digestive enzymes available on the market today are not vegetarian.

There are two common ingredients that are clearly animal-derived.  Most digestive enzyme products available today contain either one or both of these ingredients.  The first is ‘pancreatin’. This is simply tissue from the pancreas of a pig.  This is shocking news to vegans and vegetarians when hear this.

The second common ingredient is known as ‘ox bile’. This is actually the enzymatic fluid (known as bile) that is extracted from an ox.  This, too, is alarming to vegans and vegetarians when they hear this news.

These animal ingredients are included in most digestive enzyme formulas on the market. 

However, to get the desired benefit from a digestive enzyme supplement, it is absolutely not necessary to consume animal-derived ingredients.  Tremendous research supports that plant-based digestive enzyme ingredients are extremely effective to produce the same, or better, result.  The stability of the pH, for one reason, makes plant-derived enzymes superior to animal-derived enzymes.  Although there are several further reasons supporting the superiority of plant-derived enzymes.

Similarly, perhaps swayed by the media excitement, many people don’t bother to consider the source of the probiotics supplement they may take.  A large percentage of probiotics available today include bacteria grown on milk.  This is certainly not welcome news for anyone who is dairy-sensitive or is vegan. 

Although there are very few digestion supplements available on the market that are truly 100% vegan, one newly released product is quickly creating excitement.  Purely Scientific “3-in-1 Digestive Formula”, which was previously only available to physicians, includes 100% vegan digestive enzymes and probiotics.  Tested to be fully dairy-free and animal-free, this product has been celebrated by vegans and vegetarians.

Based upon the tremendous success stories and health improvements of patients, action was rapidly taken to take this product to the public.  Purely Scientific secured the rights and now sells this proven product only on Amazon.

To purchase or learn more about '3-in-1 Digestive Formula’, customers can visit the dedicated website, www.PurelyScientific.com.  Purely Scientific is a company committed to providing premium-quality supplements that are 100% based upon pure science and clinical studies.  To obtain a product discount, simply visit the company website and sign up for regular product coupons. This digestive enzyme supplement is available on Amazon.


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Posted 2013-10-25 14:58:00