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Important Things To Consider Before Launching Your Startup

You’ll need to read your audience to test what you're building and explore the boundaries of your target demographic as well as manipulate this information to learn your market

Published on 18 August 2014

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Start up Start up
Start up

If you're currently in the process or just recently went through the process of launching your own startup, you must already know that even the thought of marketing beforehand is one of the most daunting things you would never even want to worry about. As scary as it may seem, it should be noted that this is one of the most important items on your prelaunch to-do list; building an audience before you even have a final product is crucial. You’ll need to read your audience to test what you're building and explore the boundaries of your target demographic as well as manipulate this information to learn your market. You have to be able to answer every question an investor could potentially ask.

Prelaunch marketing has been a great tool for building an audience for a product before it officially launches, one perfect example being Gmail. So what should you really be thinking about when you're in the throes of building your dream?

1. Gather your army: Compose a formal contact list; download your contacts from Outlook and Gmail, and open up conversation to anyone you've kept in touch with within the past five years. Compile your data into customer relationship management systems like Salesfo​rceZ​ohoInsig​htly or any of the myriad of great free and online tools available. Then go through it and slid and dice out the unnecessary; merge, purge, and really cultivate your list. Make notes of who might serve as what; guaranteed, you’ll want to have learned this by the time you’re ready to launch. Go as far as to input the URLs to LinkedIn profiles so that you can get an immediate snapshot of who your selected character is.

2. Establish a webpage that has a sign-up form:This is one of the best ways to capture people from the select market who are already interested in the behind-the-scenes look at your company. Not only does this increase their potential interest and quell doubts they might have had, this also gives them a first-class ticket to your personal list.

Monitor your site sign-ups and metrics on a daily basis. Program the webpage so that you get an email immediately whenever someone signs up, as well as send the user a follow–up automated thank you.

3. Write a blog: Content is your prelaunch friend, he or she has got your back in this process, even if you if end up going down in flames. Why? Because you can eventually start to build solid search engine optimization and reputation management for your specific keywords and your name. The main secret is to continually offer top quality informational content, if possible on a daily cycle.

Unsure of what exactly to write about? Take a look at Das​heroo, a startup that is performing really well, and doing a great job posting daily and also providing weekly progress reports. Not only do these posts add some color about the trials and tribulations the Dasheroo team is slowly uncovering as they draw closer to launch, this type of writing also helps make readers feel more involved in the company and in the process.

Casually work your keywords into your posts, and through this, optimize your blog for search engine signaling. Use Nexus Online Media Group, for SEO. When you publish a new piece of content, despite content type, immediately post it to your startup’s social networks and integrate the WordPress blog comments with Facebook comments so you can have one master set of comments for both posts. Companies like Nexus Online Media Group help you how to increase SEO driven traffic to your site.

4. Get active on Facebook: Invite your existing outside friends to "like" and virtually support your new startup page that you're posting all of your daily content to. Get into the heart of it by launching your own Facebook "like my page" campaign to boost likes and social reach so that your page and your content will get some needed engagement; boosting a few posts per week can often cost less than $5, and will help spread your word of your creation.

5. Don't forget about Twitter: Follow your competition’s profiles as well as any press related to your industry, influencers, and consultants. Retweet or favorite their tweets so your startup’s name becomes more public, and begins to pop up elsewhere besides your page as your competition, influencers, and the industry make note of your new startup.

6. Push Your LinkedIn To Work for You: Send LinkedIn InMails to your business connections and invite them to join your other profiles and your early-access sign-up form. Keep your connections informed with what's been going on with your development; post about your blog content daily on your LinkedIn profile, or even post to appropriate LinkedIn Groups as well.

7. Harness the Email Marketing: Send a weekly email to all of your potential leads that either signed up to join your networks or submitted the application get on the early-access list. When talking to these people, you want to make them feel like they’re part of a team and that they’re support is playing a direct role.

8. Take Your Business Even More Public: It's important to get backdoor viewers to your site; one way to do this as efficiently as possible, is to get your business listed in directories like DM​OZYahoo D​irectory,and The Be​st of the Web.

Track All Progress and Everything That’s Happening.Finally, make sure you're gathering accurate data on everything that is going on. Google An​alytics is a great tool you can use to track your webpage and blog sessions (or visits). Analyze where your traffic generally comes from as well as which are the most popular types content or topics amongst your audience, and then do more of those to keep them engaged.

Monitor your current engagement rates on each post you make for both LinkedIn and Facebook to see what's driving more clicks, shares, and likes. Run through your email marketing metrics as your list continues to grow; using this information, you can find out who is not even opening your emails, and send an appropriate nonresponder campaign to hopefully try and hook them in the second time around. Launching a startup sure isn't easy, and there's a lot of work involved. But getting ahead on your marketing can be a huge load off of the shoulders; it will be the key to achieving success in the startup’s initial stages as well. 

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