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The Benefits Of Branding

12-week course from Brand Profits focuses on techniques that transform ho-hum businesses into instantly recognizable brands

Published on 23 August 2014

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Sarasota, FL

Meet Jake
Meet Jake

Entrepreneurs might be surprised to learn that some of the world’s most sought-after products were once product duds.

Destined for the dollar store dumpster, they languished on store shelves until marketing geniuses re-branded them into products that filled a need a society, a niche in kitchens or a wish of children. Only when the products generated positive buzz through word-of-mouth and solid branding efforts did they become overnight successes that everyone just had to have.

Branding, Re-branding. These are the magic words that can jumpstart any entrepreneurs’ project. However, most company leaders are passionate about their project and possess limited marketing knowledge. That’s where the Brand Profits 12-week course comes in.

Step-by-step the program shows novices how to effectively brand their business so that their product is instantly recognizable by consumers and delivers a message that demonstrates the product usefulness immediately.

Think about some of the most prestigious logos in the world. Why are they recognizable? It’s because they have been part of a dedicated marketing campaign. It didn’t happen by accident and it didn’t happen overnight. It takes a concentrated effort to change the hearts and minds of consumers.

That’s where the Brand Profits 12-week branding course enters the picture. Instead of aimlessly advertising their businesses, the program shows entrepreneurs how to target consumers most likely to purchase their product. They hone the product’s usefulness into one, single targeted message that makes consumers want to be a part of this exciting product.

Topics included in the 12-part series are:

    • Successful business branding techniques
    • Why audience is everything in branding
    • What logos can do for your brand
    • Building recognition for a brand
    • How competition affects your brand
    • How to establish your brand
    • Brand Prospecting and PR
    • Establishing your company’s identity
    • How the media can make your business famous
    • How you can gain the competitive edge to build a bigger brand
    • The secret to reinforcing your brand for maximum effect

Ready to make your move? Typically Brand Profits complete, hand-held course is sold for $997. However, because company experts want to introduce as many business leaders as possible to its highly successful techniques so entrepreneurs can learn from proven strategies, the course is being offered for a one-time price of just $297. Available for a limited time only, once supplies at this special price are exhausted, they are gone.

To learn more about the Brand Profits course or to place an order, visit www.brandprofits.org.




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Posted 2014-08-23 11:59:00