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Remarks With German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier After Their Meeting

Palais Coburg

Published on 13 July 2014

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by John Kerry


Vienna, Austria

John Kerry
John Kerry


SECRETARY KERRY: Frank, thank you very much. We discussed a number of difficult issues. The most important part of our conversation was focused on the issue of Iran, the question that will be asked at this, in the current negotiations and the road forward, which we are totally in (inaudible) on, along with our other colleagues.

We also discussed Afghanistan, where I’ve just come from, as the minister mentioned, and we discussed the Middle East, where he is going. And so we had a lot of back and forth about the criticality of this moment in many parts of the world.

And in addition, we discussed Iraq and the very critical choices we need to make or help the Iraqis make in order to get a new government in place that has the ability to begin to deal with the crisis of Iraq, and particularly the terrorist ISIL. And so we had a very fulsome discussion.

Let me emphasize, the relationship between the United States and Germany is a strategic one. We have enormous political cooperation, and we are great friends. And we will continue to work together in the kind of spirit that we exhibited today in a very thorough discussion. It was my pleasure to say to the foreign minister tonight: (In German.) (Laughter.) All right. Thank you so much.


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Posted 2014-07-13 19:01:00