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Direct Line: Opportunities Offered By Oman's New Railway Project

Bureau Of Economic And Business Affairs

Published on 03 February 2014

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Topic: Opportunities Offered by Oman's New Railway Project

Host: Greta C. Holtz, U.S. Ambassador to Oman

Special Guest: Abdulrahman al-Hatmi, Project Director, Oman Railway

Date, time, time zone for call: Wednesday, February 26, 2014; 10:00 a.m. EDT (19:00 in Muscat)

Brief description of call: Oman’s upcoming 2244km, standard gauge national railway network will prove transformational in elevating the Sultanate’s role as a key geostrategic multi-modal shipping hub connecting the GCC, East Africa, Asia and Europe outside the congested, expensive, and risky Strait of Hormuz.

Given the facts that no rail expertise, equipment production, or services currently exist in Oman, the Sultanate’s terrain features difficult soil and rock formations and mountain ranges, and the government hopes to retain as much of the estimated USD 25BN cost of the project as possible in-country, Oman Rail Project Director Al-Hatmi faces a daunting challenge!

Oman Railway seeks suppliers and investors for countless activities from civil works (tunneling, bridges, earthworks); ballast; sleeper and track production and laying; electro-mechanical, switching, and signaling solutions; rolling stock construction and maintenance; haulage logistics and operations; to station, workshop and yard construction and maintenance. We hope American suppliers will step forward as long-term partners for technology, skill, and knowledge-sharing.

Abdulrahman and his team will share plans for the Oman Railway, provide an update on the status of the project, and detail the multitude of opportunities available.

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Posted 2014-02-03 14:41:00