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The Winner Of SYFY's Opposite Worlds Launches New Website

New York City Firefighter, Husband, Father and "Beast Mode" Bodybuilder Will Use Site to Bring Awareness to Healthy Living and Giving to Non-Profit Organizations

Published on 29 April 2014

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by Mary Ann McQueen Butcher


Los Angeles, CA

The man who made the words “Beast Mode” trend around the world after appearing on and winning a cable TV reality show has officially launched his own website: http://www.FrankieBeastMode.com.

Frank Sansonetti won Opposite Worlds beating out 13 contestants who competed and lived in a house that was split by a glass wall. One team lived a life of luxury futuristic technology, while the other was exiled back in time to the dark, pre-technology realm of the past. His grand prize was $100,000 in part awarded to him due to the tremendous support he got via social media.

Since the show’s finale, Frank has gone home to his equally fit wife, Denene and their two children. He is also back to work as a New York City Firefighter. When not in the firehouse or home with his family, Frankie is working out 5-6 days a week. Frank knows that to be good to his family, his brothers at the firehouse, the people he protects and himself, he has to stay fit.

"I don’t always eat well in the firehouse because while the food is delicious, it’s definitely not typically lean protein, low carb or sugar free, but I make an effort every day to choose healthy options. The other thing is I keep pushing my body so I can be the best version of me possible.”

Frank is also extremely grateful for the offers he’s had for fitness endorsements, appearances and all the opportunities that have come from his successful TV appearances. He is also determining just how many local and non-profit organizations he can help with fundraising or by just lending his name.


Frank is a former Minor league baseball player and NYC police officer, who was on the force during 9/11, and is a current NYC Firefighter. Frank is extremely competitive, keeping a six-day-a-week workout regimen. Gregarious, street-savvy and good-natured, Frank grew up in Brooklyn in a cash-strapped, traditional Italian Catholic family. A family man, Frank plays stay-at-home dad on his off days while his wife works.  He lives in Staten Island, NY.


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Posted 2014-04-29 19:02:00