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Strength Training For Weight Loss And Weight Gain With Sarge Athletics In Maryland

Strength training is a crucial aspect of Sarge's full-service training facility; After safety, their #1 objective is to get our customers to move better

Published on 14 March 2014

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by Press Office

(SEOSamba and WireNews)

Ijamsville, MD

It is just a short notice to tell you that spring is here! No boring and long articles of how important to keep weight and be in a good shape! Everybody knows that! Yes - is it important and not only for the people who are around but first of all for yourself! When some people hear "weight training," their first thought is of burly wrestlers, but weight training-- sometimes called strength training-- is just as important as aerobic exercise. Specifically, the core strength that weight training builds allows our clients to better pursue their physical goals, whether they're competitive or inwardly focused. A lot of men and women found their motivation with Sarge Athletics, which lead to goals achievement and increasing self - confidence.

Strength training is a crucial aspect of Sarge's full-service training facility. "After safety, their #1 objective is to get our customers to move better"!

No matter your fitness goals or physical condition, join Sarge Athletics and benefit from individual weight loss training that can help you reach your own personal finish line. Just give it a try!

Sarges Personal Trainers

With their unique combination of knowledge and friendliness, our certified exercise professionals are what make Sarge Athletics stand out from the pack. These highly qualified trainers truly care about providing their athletes and clients with the best possible experience and the most noticeable results. They hold exercise science degrees and possess respected industry qualifications; most are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCSs), a special certification  that teaches trainers to apply scientific knowledge in training athletes and improving athletic performance.

But its the trainers people skills that really set them apart. Whether the client is male or female, child or adult, our trainers draw on their experience and people skills to design and implement customized fitness plans that emphasize intensity, drive and focus.

Our coaches are athletes themselves and they speak to the heart of the kids, says Sarge.

Sarge Athletics 10082 Tyler Ct, Ijamsville, Maryland 21754 - Phone: 866-POWER-85 - http://www.sargeathletics.com.



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Posted 2014-03-14 16:52:00