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Why Contractors Simply Do Not Understand How To Network

When the contractor opts to go it alone he or she will often be missing out on a vital component – the latest intelligence in the marketplace

Published on 23 January 2014

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by Michelle Dale


London, England


Organisations that specialise in providing networking services for contractors represent arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to that contractor’s success. This is because the organisation in question dedicates much of its time and resources to gain a better understanding of the relevant marketplace. Networking is a complicated affair and one size does not fit all. It involves a variety of different skills, as well, many of which may not be the forte of the contractor in question.

Professional Representation Network prides itself in understanding the role of the networker. The organisation maintains a vast array of contacts across a number of industries, as well as within professional associations. By ensuring that these contacts are kept fresh and up-to-date PRN is always in possession of the latest industry news and such information can be considered to be vital intelligence when it comes to helping a contractor find the next position.

When the contractor opts to go it alone he or she will often be missing out on a vital component – the latest intelligence in the marketplace. The contractor has much to do as it is in merely providing their contracted services. They may not actually know where to look, what to look for and how to ask important questions, at the right time. An organisation such as PRN, on the other hand, fully understands that this is the way to approach networking in the modern era.

When the contractor works to try and find a new position they may well not have kept up-to-date with changes in the industry, or constantly shifting personnel changes in key recruitment positions. They may not have kept recruiters up-to-date with their expanding skill set or even the fact that they happen to be an ideal choice when it comes to recent technological introductions. All of these are important attributes and part of a broader networking programme that the dedicated representative organisation can readily provide.

Many people misunderstand exactly what networking is all about. Contractors can be forgiven for falling into the trap and leaving it to chance. Professional Representation Network wants to educate contractors as to the importance of dynamic, ongoing and comprehensive networking. It’s important to think about this when times may be good and plentiful as well, not just when it’s getting close to crunch time and a contract may be drawing to an end.

The Professional Representation Network is a complete contracting provider, providing a variety of services to contractors from varying industries around the world. PRN identifies opportunities, negotiates contracts and provides support to contractors at every stage of the relationship. Relying on 40 years of experience in consulting and representation and access to an established network, PRN brings passion to help develop a contractor’s professional life.


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Posted 2014-01-23 14:12:00