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Fashion Retailer Debunked The Myth Of Fashion-Less Geeks

Published on 17 March 2014

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by Press Office


London, England

There has long been a stereo-type of the long haired geek, sat in his bedroom playing computer games. But online fashion retailer Stand-Out.net have managed to shoot this myth down with a recent online marketing campaign aimed at the less glamourised target market of gamers.

The demographic of the average Stand-Out customer is between 18-30, which coincidently fits in with the demographic of your average console gamer. They recently ran a campaign aimed at those gamers who have a specific interest in the popular gaming series 'Grand Theft Auto'.

Campaign manager 'David Hamer', of MakeUsAWebsite made some interesting findings during the research phase. “Our researcher found that not only were the characters in the game wearing the latest trends, a significant part of the game was a series of virtual online-stores, where the fashion conscious gamer can kit himself out with tops, trousers, caps, shoes, and pretty much anything you would find in a standard fashion store”. From the classic gangster look, to golf and tennis attire, the game's artists have gone all out to make sure that every style and trend is catered for.

Roger Martin, Director at Stand-Out noted “Trends have traditionally been set by movies, celebrity culture, and more recently sportsmen and women. What we are now seeing is a new influencer in the form of virtual reality characters. Given that in many homes the console is the main form of entertainment, it is unsurprising that the characters within games can actually impact on the gamers sense of fashion.”

A quick surf of many online men's fashion stores, reveals a number of references to gaming culture, from blog posts to actual store categories dedicated to gaming genres. The popular Assassins Creed franchise recently went as far as unveiling their own brand of fashion, based around the main game character.

As part of their campaign Stand-Out produced an infographic about the Grand-Theft-Auto trend, and how anyone can style themselves using clothes available on the Stand-out.net website.

This has already proven popular, and the Stand-Out team are keen to see if it maybe a niche market of the future, “fashion in console gaming is clearly something which the game-design companies are spending considerable time and money on. If they are producing fashion which people like and want to buy, then of course it is a market we want and have to cater for”.


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Posted 2014-03-17 17:49:00