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Car Prices Driven Down For Armed Forces

A new discount programme launched today could save armed forces members and their families thousands of pounds on the cost of a new car

Published on 13 January 2014

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by Anna Soubry MP


London, England

A Member Of The British Army Poses With A New Car (Library Image)
A Member Of The British Army Poses With A New Car (Library Image)

The Defence Discount Service car programme (DDS Cars) could help our armed forces, veterans, and their families save up to £7,170, with average savings of £3,250 on each new car purchase.

The exclusive deals are being backed by 11 of the biggest names in the car industry in a show of their support for those who serve their country.

The exclusive discounts include:

  • up to £7,170 on a SEAT Alhambra
  • up to £6,100 on a Peugeot 5008
  • up to £4,300 on a Renault Scenic
  • up to £3,500 on a Kia Sportage
  • up to £3,200 on a Kia Carens
  • up to £2,400 on a Renault Clio

DDS Cars is just one part of the Defence Discount Service, which over 2,500 companies have now joined and pledged generous discounts to show their support for the armed forces community.

Service personnel, veterans and their families wanting a new car will now be able to view the full range of unique bargains online via the new DDS Cars website or simply walk into their local dealer and order one at a significantly reduced price.

Defence Minister Anna Soubry said:

"It is excellent news that so many organisations have signed up to show their support for our armed forces and veterans.

"The Defence Discount Service is a great example of ways to help armed forces families by offering money off everyday items or more significant items like a new family car.

"I hope to see even more companies around the country signing up to the Defence Discount Service to show their support for our armed forces community."

The roll-out of the Defence Discount Service car programme builds on the £65 million already committed in 2013 on projects and initiatives to help improve the lives of the armed forces through the armed forces covenant.

The Defence Discount Service launched in October 2012 and is open to members of the armed forces community, including serving regular and reserve personnel, veterans, spouses/partners of service personnel, bereaved spouses/partners and MOD staff.



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Posted 2014-01-13 10:44:00