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Medicines Sections Of The Codes Amended Following Consultation

Published on 13 June 2014

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by Committee of Advertising Practice


London, England

Committee of Advertising Practice
Committee of Advertising Practice

CAP and BCAP have published the outcome of a consultation on proposals to amend the medicines sections of the CAP and BCAP Codes. 

The most notable change is to the BCAP rule prohibiting services offering to prescribe or treat remotely. The growth of professional online services means that an absolute ban on them advertising on TV and radio no longer seems proportionate. Advertisers will now be allowed to advertise provided that they can demonstrate they have suitable credentials, for example, evidence of relevant professional expertise or qualifications.

The other changes in the CAP and BCAP Codes are technical and intended to bring the Codes up to date with developments in the underlying statutory framework.

The revisions come into effect from Wednesday 18 June.

For full details of our decision please see the following documents (all open as PDF):


CAP Regulatory Statement

Annex A (Final Code)

Annex B (Code changes)

Annex C (consultation evaluation)


BCAP Regulatory Statement 

Annex A (Final Code)

Annex B (Code changes)

Annex C (consultation evaluation)



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Posted 2014-06-13 12:27:00