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Leading Barrister To Face Bar Standards Board Complaint

Published on 07 May 2014

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by WireNews


London, England

Bar Standards Board
Bar Standards Board

A complaint has been filed with the Bar Standards Board against a leading barrister over allegations concerning his involvement in a conspiracy involving his client the Home Office.

The complaint was filed against Steven Kovats Q.C. (shown here).

As reported by the WireNews Agency recently, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Home Office's UK Border Agency are accused of conspiring with the U.S. goverment in what has been described as a "Deportation by Extradition".

For his part, Kovats denies any wrong-doing, but documents he prepared in December 2013 for an unrelated civil claim currently before Cardiff County Court include text that was "lifted" from the documents filed by the U.S. goverment the previous year.

The Bar Standards Board regulates barristers in England and Wales and is responsible for making sure that the high standards of the profession are maintained. They publish a Handbook that barristers must keep to, and they will consider taking action where there is evidence that the Handbook has been breached, according to their Enforcement Regulations (Part 5 of the BSB Handbook) and Enforcement Strategy.



Source: Bar Standards Board


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Posted 2014-05-07 14:32:00