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Galloway Consults Lawyers Over Livingston Ban

Published on 12 January 2014

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London, England

George Galloway
George Galloway

George Galloway is consulting lawyers after West Lothian council banned him from putting on his Just Say Naw anti-independence show at Livingston's Howden Park Centre.

The gig was scheduled for March 25 but the council turned him down, claiming if would be a breach of the 1986 Local Government Act for him put on the show in council premises.

"This is just arrant nonsense. I've already appeared at the City Halls in Glasgow and the Whitehall Theatre in Dundee, both of which are council-controlled, and I have successfully booked into several other council venues in Scotland on this tour," Galloway said. "If this is genuinely their legal advice well then you wouldn't trust them to draft your will or convey your house, or even spell democracy. The truth is that it's politically-motivated. The SNP group on the council are afraid of the power of my message. In what is the biggest constitutional debate in more than 300 years, the future of Scotland, this miserable little council are displaying the worst of Scottish small-mindedness."

Galloway pointed out that the council had been quite happy to book the crypto-racist comic Jim Davidson. He continued, "Doubtless if I had called it Just Say Naw Surrender and turned up in a bowler hat and asked them to block off a few streets for me they would have been only too happy. But, seriously, this is a blatantly anti-democratic ban, an attack on free speech. The section of the act they cite refers to party politics and politicians, but this is me as a private citizen, funding it myself and with my friends, so it clearly does not apply. And I am sure my lawyers will concur and we will be taking legal action against the council sharpish.

"Do you think that if Sir Sean had wanted to put on a gig called Just Say Aye they would have knocked him back? No, they'd have been carpeting Almondvale Boulevard with saltires."


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Posted 2014-01-12 15:26:00