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British Astronaut Needs Your Help

Tim Peake needs help to name his inspirational 6 month mission to the International Space Station

Published on 14 March 2014

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by The Rt Hon David Willetts MP


London, England

Department for Innovation & Skills
Department for Innovation & Skills

Tim Peake needs help to name his inspirational 6 month mission into space, the first visit by a British astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS).

The competition to name his mission was launched today (14 March 2014) by Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts, at a UK Space Agency event at the Science Museum. Tim took a break from training to talk to school groups via the internet to hear some of the first suggestions.

Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts said:

"Tim’s flight is a reminder of humanity’s desire to explore new frontiers – and of the role that Britain has played in pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

"The naming competition is just 1 of many opportunities for young people to get involved in a mission that will shape the future of Britain’s space programme and inspire generations."

Tim Peake said:

"The ISS is a cutting edge research laboratory that is pushing the boundaries of what is scientifically, technically and humanly possibly. My 6 month stay onboard mankind’s outpost in space is going to be both challenging and incredibly exciting.

"The scientific experiments conducted will be wide ranging, covering areas such as medicine, human physiology, core science and material science. ISS research is already producing incredible results - not just to facilitate future space exploration but also for the benefit of people on Earth."

The winning entrant will be a part of this exciting mission, with their suggested name becoming its official title, and will receive a signed mission logo.

Groups of students attending the launch event kicked off the competition by coming up with its first entries. Tim took time out of his rigorous training schedule in Russia to join them via Skype to hear their suggestions, which were inspired by the galleries and exhibits of the Science Museum.

Before joining the ESA astronaut corps in 2009, Tim was a helicopter pilot and a test pilot. He was assigned his mission in May 2013 and has been training non-stop to be part of Expedition 46/47 to the orbital outpost. He is following a long line of British explorers and scientists, from the North Pole and the Nile to the Himalayas and now to outer space.

Tim views it as his responsibility - and the job of ESA’s human spaceflight programme – to gain the knowledge to improve people’s lives on Earth and to explore our Solar System. He is an ambassador for UK science and space-based careers and works with the UK Space Agency developing their microgravity research programme.

Tim explains:

"As a former test pilot I believe that knowledge is gained when we explore the boundaries of what is technically and humanly possible."

For more information about this press release visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/british-astronaut-needs-your-help



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Posted 2014-03-14 14:27:00