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CoRWM Submit Their Response To DECC's Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) Siting Review

CoRWM's response to DECC is now available to read on the website

Published on 06 December 2013

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by Committee on Radioactive Waste Management


London, England

Parliament Street (SW1)
Parliament Street (SW1)

CoRWM have submitted their response to DECC on the GDF Siting Process Review after much evidence gathering and deliberation.

The Committee has followed the MRWS process closely from its inception, and scrutinised both DECC and the NDA’s plans and programmes throughout. CoRWM has provided feedback to DECC on this process when requested and has commented on its development. Since the decision not to continue with the MRWS process in Cumbria was made in January 2013, CoRWM has reflected on the process at length at its plenary meetings.

Members of the Committee also met with those involved in the process including the DECC Minister, Officials from DECC and the Welsh Government, the NDA’s Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD), Councillors and officers from Cumbria County Council, Copeland and Allerdale Borough Councils and the Nuclear Legacy Advisory Forum (NuLeAF) to gather evidence, exchange views and understand the background to their concerns and decisions. CoRWM also carried out its own analysis of the “Call for Evidence” responses to understand better the views of others in formulating its response to the Consultation.

To formulate the response to this Consultation, CoRWM started initial discussions in the plenary meeting held on 16 and 17 September 2013 (CoRWM doc. 3135), sub-groups of Members were established to consider the individual questions and their initial analyses were further considered in meetings on 10 and 31 October 2013, and in the meeting on 8 November 2013 (CoRWM doc. 3139) which was open to the public. A final meeting to agree the drafting of the CoRWM submission was held on the 28 November.

You can read CoRWM’s response to the consultation here and you can acces DECC’s GDF Siting Review proposal here.



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Posted 2013-12-06 18:53:00