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Manning Off To A Civilian Prison For Hormone Therapy?

Op-Ed Contributor

Published on 14 May 2014

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by Wiljam White


London, England

Wiljam White
Wiljam White

According to a recent RT article, the U.S. Pentagon is considering moving PFC Bradley Manning to a civilian prison so that he may receive hormone therapy. This is such a load of bullshit.

I don't care that Manning wants to cross dress. I don't even care if he wants to have a sex-change operation as long as he can raise the money for the operation himself. It doesn't matter to me at all.

But what really pisses me off is the suggestion that by cutting off your penis or taking any amount or quality of drugs you "become" a woman.

Do you know what makes you a woman?

"Females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and are called the homogametic sex. Males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex," (Source).

Unless you change these , I don't care whether you're wearing a wig or not you're a man or a woman (as the case may be).

The Liberal agenda, supported by the lamestream media, seeks to bullshit society into thinking that this type of mental psychosis is "normal"—which it is not—and the taxpayers are paying for this nonsense.

Complete bullshit.

Wiljam White founded WireNews Limited in April 2001.


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Posted 2014-05-14 20:36:00