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Par'ta Barack Obama!

Op-Ed Contributor

Published on 13 June 2014

by Greg Smith


London, England

Greek Moutza
Greek Moutza

That's my message to U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II.

And I'll tell you why...

The recent wave of illegal aliens now swamping America's southern border and Obama's intentional policy of not just ignoring it, but encouraging it, following so soon after the Guantanamo Bay terrorist release and unbelievable exchange for an American deserter and then there's his handling of the Veterans Affairs scandal (but these are just the most recent abuses) has brought to me to the point where the only way that I can express my frustrations over this mistake, this aberration, this pathetic excuse for a U.S. President is to shout Par'ta Barack Obama! and give him the Moutza.

Now for some background...

Often accompanied with an expletive such as "να" (na), "παρ'τα" (par'ta) or "όρσε" (órse), meaning "here", "take these" and "there you go", respectively, the Moutza is for many Greeks an extremely satisfying and effective way to express your distain, disgust or objection to whatever it is that's pissing you off.

Thrusting a single or (even more satsifying) a double Moutza, in the direction of the offending party is the quickest way to let them know you're simply not interested in their bullshit any longer.

So why or what is the Moutza?

Well, as part of the Byzantium penal code criminals were paraded around town sitting, facing backwards, on a donkey and with their face smeared with cinder to enhance their public ridicule as punishment for whatever they had done. The method of applying the cinder was to smear it on with the palm of the hand open with the fingers extended. In this way, the Moutza became an effective insult to be used in a variety of circumstances (see video below).

Should you feel the same as me toward Barack Obama and if by any chance or design you find yourself at one of the President's fundraisers or any other public event, show the him your Moutza and let Obama know what you think.


Source: Wikipedia


Greg Smith founded WireNews+Co in April 2001. For more information visit http://www.wirenews.org.


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Posted 2014-06-13 11:19:00