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Conflict Of Interest By Charity Supporting Homeless And With The Same Contact Number Selling Educational Courses In Milton Keynes

The efforts of an Archbishop psychotherapist suggest some confusion and possible deception?

Published on 10 March 2014

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by Lawrence Perry


London, England

I'm quite miffed this morning, particularly with the claims that are being made by a certain Archbishop in Milton Keynes who appears to be a figure of respectability, and runs Convergence Theological Seminary- smashing qualifications, and he is associated with a Professor Dr Sharon Hart who according to Google is in the States and appears to have a quack status, which could suggest the chemistry that cults are made of?

Of course this is only opinion and I'm impressed with the campus in Acorn House, Milton Keynes, a wonderful illusion, since it belongs to Milton Keynes Community Foundation that has trustees with MBEs.

The well-renowned Archbishop runs a Street Ministry to the very poor and Homeless and is obviously a very sincere man, humble with a halo over his head, and the number on his website leads to voicemail.

That number is also associated with Convergence College of Counselling and Psychotherapy that charges money (big money) for courses - something is not quite right about this conflict of interest, and I've hit it on the head - this chap is a psychotherapist with smashing qualifications!

All the staff in the college are volunteers apparently, and George Booty pockets all monies and most of the students are on benefits, and Booty marks the papers and gives out the qualifications. So if he doesn't like someone I guess that they would get a bad mark.

Is the business legit or could it be fraud?

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Posted 2014-03-10 14:29:00