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Air Pollution In France Causes Thousands Or Millions Of Euro Been Lost In Two Weeks

France lost millions in two weeks because of air pollution

Published on 16 April 2014

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by Adegbenga Aderoju Adefiranye


Paris, France

France was forced to stop or reduce the number of vehicle plying her roads for almost two weeks because of air pollution.

Paris, Caen and many other cities made their transport system free for all for some days (up to two weeks in some cities) as the rate air pollution got to 110mg/100. In Paris, the underground system, buses and other governmental transportation systems gave way to  free access for all.

This was part of the efforts made by the French Government to encourage people to leave their vehicles at home and join the free transportation to get to their different places of duties.

In Paris, the Prefecture of Police of Paris chose what kind vehicles could move on the roads on what day. For example, the Cars with their registration starting with an odd number were allowed to move freely on a particular day, while those whose registration numbers started with an even number were allowed to move on the other day. Trailer and other heavy carriers were completely stopped from the roads, in and around Paris. All these were done so as to reduce the rate of air pollution in the cities. After the first week that this measures were taken, to be précised on the 24th of March,2014, the rate of air pollution lowered by a great percentage (between 75mg/100 and 76mg/100) showing the effectiveness of the measures that were taken.

However, thousands or even millions of Euro were lost as many activities were brought to a standstill. Many Companies and Industries relying majorly on 'effective transportation' for the good running of their businesses lost both money and other opportunities to advance their productivities within two weeks. Counting the number of people who used the underground in the capital city alone, one could as well realise the amount of money lost within two week alone. The Police tried to increase the treasury by giving fines to lots of road users, finding a fault or the other, minimum of 22 euro, but was this be enough to pay back the millions of euro lost? Thousands of Cars were tested for dangerous emissions from and many got fined afterwards.

This is just 'Air pollution,' we must realise that there are other means of polluting the environment, though this is the one that concerns us most and that was why these measures were taken. What do we say about Aircrafts finishing their trips inside the Oceans, some developed Countries dumping toxic wastes in some third world Countries and so on.

The question is this, where do we go from here...

Adegbenga Aderoju Adefiranye works  as a Journalist in Science and Technology. News and developments from the Science world is the first goal of this work. He has a Science and Technology background and is a full member of the Institute of Science and Technology, London.


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Posted 2014-04-16 10:09:00