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Epicura Home Launches Facebook Account To Reach Out Customers

Published on 22 October 2013

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by Katie Townes


Los Angeles, CA

Epicura Silicone Baking Sheet Epicura Silicone Baking Mat Epicura Silicone Baking Mat Epicura Home Products
Epicura Silicone Baking Sheet

Social media has earned popularity as a new trend in communication. Most people use social media sites like Facebook in their everyday life. Hence, in order to reach out to their target customers, Epicura Home finally launched their official facebook account.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site that millions of people worldwide have used nowadays. Epicura Home aims to produce quality home products like silicone baking sheets and at the same time, reach out to their potential customers through the newly-launched Facebook Page Account. By doing this, there is accessibility of information and updates related to their product.  

To increase product awareness, Epicura Home Products further explained that the main reason of the creation of this page is for the Facebook users to access information regarding company activities and events.  

According to Statistics Brain, there are statistically over 1 billion active Facebook users every month. Every user allocates at least 20 minutes of site usage per visit. This means that the people who are conscious about home-based products like baking mats would benefit from this social medium.  

According to the Spokesperson of the Company, Katie Townes, “Facebook is our means to update our customers of any news relevant to our product and services. Aside from this, discounts and promos can also be posted on this page for the customers to refer to.” 

Events, press conferences and other activities can also be posted in Facebook page which can serve as reference and update to the target population. 

“We want our customers to be updated of the latest product we have and at the same time to have enough information regarding our services,” added Katie Townes  

Facebook, with its nature of being a social site, is interactive involving a two-way process of communication. Then, the page can also serve as a means for customers to present their educated opinions and suggestions related to the product. This will help the company to further improve their services. 

“We listen to the suggestions of our customers because they are the most important people in making our product improved. We assure that all concerns are taken into deep research and consideration. This will help us create a trusting relationship with them,” stated Katie Townes.    

Their flagship product silicone baking mat is now promoted with promos and discounts to their customers via Amazon. To like the page could be helpful in the future for the company is planning a product-related event using this social networking site. The Facebook account now accessible and everyone can start liking it.

Epicura Home Products specialized in modern yet useful home, garden and kitchen gadgets.  Our new line of silicone based kitchen products including the silicone non stick baking sheet has been well received.  They are non-stick and a pleasure to work with.  They can handle extremes in temperature and very easy to clean.


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Posted 2013-10-22 21:46:00