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The Real Dating Scams Can Be Found Every Day On Many "Respectable" Dating Websites

Published on 13 February 2014

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by Sarah Elizabeth Hope


Oxford, England

Couple holding a baby. dating4ababy.com
Couple holding a baby. dating4ababy.com

With regard to dating scams, people usually read about Nigerian scams targeting gullible middle-aged women. Yet, many “respectable” dating websites mislead thousands of users in order to get their money. Seemingly different dating websites connected to the same company make it appear that each has millions of members with specific characteristics such as age, preferences or others. Instead it's always the same database of members that they all share.

Love seekers get attracted by the idea that they will find a large number of members with certain characteristics while there are fewer. Many users join more than one website so they risk paying twice or more times to search the same database.

“The main organization may have two million members, but in no way each of those websites has its own two millions and there is no way to prevent a user from registering, and perhaps paying, multiple times. These are the real dating scams.”

This is the opinion of Sarah Elizabeth Hope, the founder of www.dating4ababy.com, who also found out that some sites returned very bad matches, for example:

  • a dating website claiming to match older women who wanted to date younger men contained profiles of women as young as 18 and over 80-year-old men.

That’s why Sarah decided to create www.dating4ababy.com, a dating website for women and men who want to have children and are looking for a partner to form a relationship with, as no other website in English helps this group of people find their partner. Sarah can be an entertaining interview and she will tell your audience:

  • why they should not pay for dating websites subscriptions just to communicate
  • how to avoid being taken advantage of by dating websites and pay twice (or more) for cookie-cutter websites with the same people

For further information and to book an interview, call Sarah Liz on +44 7952 089301.

# # #

Sarah Elizabeth Hope is the founder of www.dating4ababy.com, the new dating website especially for women and men who are looking for a partner to have children with. She is a professional who, like many other women, spent a lot of time between studying, working and other commitments and in a way “forgot” about making a family with children. She realized that, for several reasons, many women and men are in the same situation; they are ready to have children but don’t have a partner, so she decided to do something about this.

She started researching dating websites in depth to become an expert on all their aspects. She registered with a large number of them, to study how they work, which one was the “best one”. She was unhappy with the existing dating websites where it’s not possible to filter profiles based on their intention of having children or people don’t clearly express their intention.

Also she didn't like other features of theirs and eventually she decided to create her own dating website, www.dating4ababy.com, to help all women and men who want to have children but don’t have a partner find each other, including in this website all the characteristics she wanted and excluding what she didn't like.


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Posted 2014-02-13 13:03:00