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Gold Box Launches New Website, Discovers Gold Online

Published on 17 June 2014

by Press Office


London, England

ChrysoKouti - Gold Box
ChrysoKouti - Gold Box

Like King Midas, from Greek mythology, who is remembered for his ability to turn everything that he touched with his hand into gold, Chryso Kouti ™ or Gold Box ™, based in the United Kingdom, has a history of finding gold in the most unlikely places.

Founded in 2004 by Greg Smith, Gold Box buys scrap gold and refines it into bullion, which is sold at market prices. The company will buy your gold at "today's spot price" in any quantity.

Additionally, Gold Box offers a unique refining process that delivers small, home-based speculators and investors a tried and tested method to refine lower grade gold (from 9 carat +- and up) into pure gold (.999) without using dangerous chemicals or processes.

Contact Gold Box for more information or visit http://www.chrysokouti.com.



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Posted 2014-06-17 09:20:00