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Moovz Restricts Access Via Mozilla Browser

Published on 02 April 2014

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by Moovz Press Office


Tel Aviv, Israel

Moovz.com, a new social networking platform and mobile application geared towards the gay community, has expressed disappointment about the recent news surrounding Mozilla’s CEO and has provided the following statement they would like to release.

CEO, Liav Eliash is available for interviews to talk about how it’s important to take this stand and continue to empower the community.
“In light of the recent news of  Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich making donations to a campaign in support of California’s anti –LGBT Proposition 8 campaign, Moovz will be sending a personal message to ALL of our users informing them that we support LGBT equality and therefore intend on restricting access to Moovz via Mozilla starting at midnight tonight. As of tomorrow, any user attempting to log in to Moovz via Mozilla, will be redirected to a page instructing them to use any other browser and will receive a short message indicating the reason for this decision. We (Moovz) support LGBT rights, equality and are against those who discriminate. Moovz does not and will not stand for such ignorance. We are encouraging Moovz community members to go ahead and use the alternatives and take a stand against anti-gay individuals and fight for human equality.", say Liav Eliash CEO & Co-Founder

About Moovz
Moovz is a new social networking platform and mobile application for gay men, available worldwide. Operating in ten different languages, Moovz has grown to have over 35 million interactions between users since its in-beta launch in October 2013. Through an advanced engine that identifies common interests, Moovz enables users to discover, share and build engaging relationships in a new and revolutionary way.


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Posted 2014-04-02 21:18:00