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SEO is dead - Long Live SEO v2

Published on 03 January 2013

by WireNews+Co


London, England

SEO v2 WireNews+Co
SEO v2 WireNews+Co

Most people finally agree that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead. Google has effectively made the concept of blanketing the Internet with repetitious and irrelevant media ineffective and with good reason.

Simply put, the purpose of a search engine is to deliver relevant results. In the past, traditional SEO techniques made it possible to 'trick' or 'engineer' those results.

So it’s no surprise that Google, Bing and other search engines will have been actively working on methods to knock back useless content that serves to dilute the Internet. Duplicate or irrelevant content is of little value when you're searching for something.

So what’s the answer?

WireNews+Co has been advising our members against posting their media through multiple websites since 2001. Today, it makes more sense than ever to deliver your message to the right audience. Today, blasting your media out to the World, without a specific target audience in mind will actually reduce the overall value of your message.

Your compelling, relevant content delivered to the right audience will generate the kind of results you’re looking for without the tricks of the past.

For just £4.99 (USD) per press release (OR £29.99 per month (USD) OR £299.90 per year (USD) unlimited access membership), WireNews+Co distributes your corporate press release to millions of consumers and top media contacts including:

By publishing your company's press release with WireNews+Co you can:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Develop lasting SEO v2 value for your website (like SEO, but not what you may think)
  • Publish related video (in association with YouTube)
  • Permanently host your company's press releases
  • Upload your logo or images
  • Maintain unique contacts for each press release
  • Ensure 'uniqueness' of your media
  • Save money over 'most' other press release distribution services

Registration is free! Join the many thousands of business professional around the world that use WireNews+Co to target their corporate messages to the right audience.

We're global, serving a global list of clients responding to a global marketplace.


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Posted 2013-01-03 17:45:00