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Sassi Momma And The WuY Movement Join A List Of Prestigious Businesses That Give Back

Published on 16 July 2014

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Waldorf, MD

Sassi Momma Sassi Momma Sassi Momma
Sassi Momma

Mothers sometimes face a challenge finding accessories that are not only functional, but also look great.  Diaper bags and handbags are a necessity, but traditional ones certainly leave much to be desired when it comes to appearance.  Enter Nicole Hawkins, CEO of the new company Sassi Momma and their stylish and sophisticated creation; the Sassi Momma D’imorga Handbag.  The D’imorga bag combines the best of all worlds - an innovative, all-in-one handbag designed specifically for mothers, and styled to look as great as it is useful.  All backed by a promise that for every bag sold, one woman or child will receive help from some of the proceeds which they call their WuY Movement.  Sassi Momma has a unique vision and they’ve recently announced the launching of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to make this vision become a quick reality. 

“This all started with the birth of my second daughter,” commented Hawkins.  “Like many mothers I found myself constantly struggling to carry everything I needed for her, from her diaper bag, to my own handbag, the car seat and on and on.  I knew there had to be a better way.  And the seed that became Sassi Momma and our D'imorga Handbag was born!”

The unique design of the D’imorga Handbag is that it splits into two very large zippered sections.  These sections contain over 15 smartly thought out compartments, which help moms plan and organize exactly what goes where inside their bag.  There’s even a changing pad to help a baby protect their bottom.  Best of all, the entire baby section detaches, making it easy to give a daycare provider everything they need.  Sassi Momma let’s moms say goodbye to the chaos of “old school” diaper bags and handbags for good.

The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ends on August 30, 2014, and has set a goal of $12,000.  Donors receive fun and valuable perks, including an opportunity to purchase a bag at a greatly reduced price. 

The early response to Sassi Momma has been enthusiastic.

Emily G, a blogger from Boston, recently remarked, “Not only an awesome idea, that's cool and stylish, but you get to help women and children in need too.  I’m donating to Sassi Momma's Indiegogo.  It's really a rare chance to help a business with a positive vision and a superior product get their start.”


Sassi Momma is a Maryland-based handbag company.  It specializes in creating innovative, all-in-one handbags, engineered and designed with moms in mind.  The company has taken a unique approach to business and joins a prestigious list of businesses that give back like Target, Toms, Bombas, Safeway, and many more, by creating a product that gives back a percent of each bag sold to various women and children's charities. They call this their WuY Movement.  To say people are excited about the news is an understatement.  

For more information, visit http://www.sassimomma.com or visit our crowdfunding campaign at igg.me/at/sassimommacampaign.


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Posted 2014-07-16 20:18:00