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SpudsToGo Launches New Website With Updated Master License Campaign

Published on 28 June 2014

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by Press Office


London, England

SpudsToGo (Mr. Spuds) Logo
SpudsToGo (Mr. Spuds) Logo

SpudsToGo Limited, owner and global Licensor of the SpudsToGo ® brand has today launched a new website at http://www.spudstogo.com. The new website coincides with the launch of its campaign to respond to recent interest in its Master License programme.

Based in the United Kingdom, where 'jacket potatoes' are a staple food for millions of people, SpudsToGo is a household name. Founded in 2005, SpudsToGo offers a unique licensing programme unlike traditional franchising.

SpudsToGo operates a hands-off approach to licensing, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to run their business free of unwanted interference from the brand owner.

SpudsToGo founder, Wiljam White, said: "We're focusing on the appointment of region or country-wide Master Licensees.

"We've had quite a lot of interest in our System recently, especially from the United States and Canada," White added.

"SpudsToGo is a brand that you already know... it's a brand you trust and with our new updated Master License campaign we believe it's a winner," he confirmed.

Whether you're interested in a single Store, a multi-Store license or a Master License for an entire country or region, SpudsToGo has an affordable option for you.

SpudsToGo Limited is based in United Kingdom. For more information visit http://www.spudstogo.com or contact the press office as shown below.


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Posted 2014-06-28 11:52:00