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'Ping' The Radar Of Head-Hunters With Mentor EU's Free Career Guidance Consultation

Leading London based global career consultancy, Mentor EU, is offering a free career guidance consultation; 'Ping' the radar of head-hunters with this limited time offer

Published on 22 July 2014

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by Richard Teahon


London, England

Leading London based global career consultancy, Mentor EU, is offering a free career guidance consultation to all new clients.   The consultation will focus on how to get noticed in today's competitive job market.  This includes 'pinging' the radar of head-hunters.

Specifically the consultation and related services include:

Tailoring your applications to each job:  The higher up the ladder you go the more competitive the job market.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile:  This includes making the profile job search friendly by identifying and using the correct keywords

Optimising your CV for each application: Each job application requires a tweak or two to your CV

Interview technique and preparation:  Tips and tricks to ensure all the optimisation and tweaking pays dividends

Develop your Personal Brand: Having a personal brand is essential for job search success

Mentor EU have been established for four years and in that time have seen a lot of trends change.  They are particularly experienced at finding senior management and executive roles in the Middle East.

Senior global careers consultant, Beata Stazkow said: "We are offering our free global career consultation as it helps senior management and executives adjust to the modern ways of finding a new position.  It is a sad fact, but a lot of talented people do not get the roles they want and deserve.  This is mainly due to using job hunting methods from days gone by.

"We hope that by using our services, more and more people working at the executive level can land the roles they want and make a difference to their new companies and organisations."

Mentor EU's offer is available now and runs though until the end of August. The consultations last around thirty minutes after which you will have an opportunity to ask questions.  To make a booking for your free consultation career, follow this link. Free Career Plan Consultancy.

Mentor EU is a global career consultancy.  The company was founded by Beata Staszkow in 2010 to help executives fine tune their job hunting skills to land the roles they want.  Beata has an extensive network of contacts and is skilled at fast tracking CVs to the right hiring manager.  To learn more about Mentor EU, click here.


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Posted 2014-07-18 16:38:00