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Baranova Monaco Improves Well-Being Through DNA Testing And Personalised Medicine

Professor Baranova Elena, world-renowned expert in the fields of anti-ageing medicine and preventive genomics (MD, PhD, HDR - Doctor in Sciences, Doctor in Medicine, Professor in Medical Genetics)

Published on 02 April 2014

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by Press Office

(SEOSamba and WireNews)

Monaco, France

Professor Baranova Elena, world-renowned expert in the fields of anti-ageing medicine and preventive genomics (MD, PhD, HDR - Doctor in Sciences, Doctor in Medicine, Professor in Medical Genetics), has developed a ground-breaking approach to improving biological and psychological age.

Spearheading a new era of personaliz‚Äčed medicine, Professor Baranova uses advanced genetic analysis to determine how we react to age processes, fatigue, stress, lifestyle and how we suffer from ill health.

Although we inherit our genes from our parents, we decide how we treat them”, Professor Baranova explains: “we create our gene energy through our environmental factors - what we eat, our lifestyle, how often we take exercise and the amount of stress we succumb to” .

Based on their personal epigenomic profile, patients follow a custom step-by-step program using a combination of DNA activation techniques, gene regulation, quantum medicine and hormonal therapy.

With over 20 years of professional experience in advanced science, clinics and education, Prof. Baranova has developed several breakthrough concepts and devices.

“Genomics the art of wellbeing” (2000), “Expert System for gene interactions and result interpretation” (2004), “Haute Couture Prevention” (2009) and “ReGene Products” (2010) have all been integrated in a unique “Programme for Life” (2014) available in three packages :

  • Renaissance Intensive – most requested (analyses, detailed individual plan creation, consulting and 3 months follow up);
  • Renaissance Intensive Global – most elite (analyses, detailed individual plan creation, consulting and 12 months follow up);
  • VIP Ultimate (available only in partner clinics in Moscow and Riga)

Using advanced epigenomic expertise to determine the best personalised prevention, the Programme includes an individual step-by-step roadmap to a better quality of life, increased brain performance and a healthier, more youthful glow. Moreover, it helps to boost genetic potential and activate physical, mental and emotional capacities.

We can now show you how to harness this new form of integrative analysis and use it to improve your life quality on a personalised dynamic basis” says Prof. Baranova, “leading to an abundance of youthful vitality, and a healthier appearance, that will transform your life”.

In order to provide rapid and highly personalised gene activation and rejuvenation effects, Prof. Baranova has also developed a collection of unique, highly bioactive supplements, born from genomic science.

These new GENEration supplements influence gene activities, helping to maximize on the gene potential and drive it to optimal efficiency. The supplements are integrated as part of the prescription as needed, and can be purchased through Baranova Monaco’s website.

About Baranova Monaco

Baranova Monaco is at the forefront of genetic science relating to all aspects of personal health, well being and radiance. Baranova Monaco Genetic testing is carried out by world renowned British Laboratories to determine high individualized nutritional programmes using the latest supplements, antioxidants and cutting edge micronutrition to protect against environmental, lifestyle and stress related disorders.

All concepts, devices and activities of Prof. Baranova are re-grouped under the brand BARANOVA MONACO since 2010 (a rare case when Monaco has allowed to use it name together with the name of individual). For more information, please visit: www.baranovamonaco.com

About Professor Elena Baranova

Doctor of Medicine (1991), Doctor of Sciences, Professor of Medical Genetics – since 1999 (France). Also qualified in pharmacoepidemiology, genetic and clinical epidemiology (Harvard School programs, 1998, 1999), Psychology (France, Switzerland, 1999 - 2002) and Integrative Medicine (Russia, 2005)

President of the European Institute in Personalized Prevention (Monaco)

European Expert for European Government Commission for “Genomics, life sciences and biotechnologies for health” since 2002.

Member of international scientific and clinical committees and panels of international experts (World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (AAM); World Medical SPA society, British Society of Environmental Medicine, Spanish, British Societies of AAM; French Society of Neurophysiology).


Baranova Monaco 

Tel: + 377 97 98 04 66

Vina Bianca 29 Rue du Portier, Monaco, France 98000


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Posted 2014-04-02 15:47:00