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10 Steps To Content Marketing Optimization

WireNews has been advising our members against posting their media through multiple websites since 2001. Today, it makes more sense than ever to deliver your message to the right audience. Today, blasting your media out to the World, without a specific target audience in mind will actually reduce the overall value of your message.

Your compelling, relevant content delivered to the right audience will generate the kind of results you’re looking for without the tricks of the past. It's called Content Marketing Optimization or CMO.

AuthorRank is one method used by search engines to determine if a page is worthy of being prominently displayed within their results. Consider this when you write your press release or article. Using "Press Office" or "Media Department" will not work for you. We encourage you to use your name in the "Author" field for each press release or article you publish through WireNews+Co and remember... all of your media should be tied to a corresponding author profile using Google+.

2. Titles Are King!

Accurate page titles are important. The title that you use for your press release or article will be used by WireNews for the title tag for the page that will be indexed by the search engine. It goes without saying that your article content and title should have a very high relevance. Cute, titles with no direct relevance to the content of your media will negatively impact its search rankings.

3. Use LSI Keywords

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a process used by search engines to identify the patterns or relationships between terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text (Source: Wikipedia). Using this process, search engines can evaluate the context and relevance of content to a search query based on the related terms being contained by a particular content. In other words, the more your media uses highly-related or synonymous terms and words, the better a search engine is able to 'understand' where the content should be tagged or categorized within their results.

4. Credible External Links

Linking out to other websites, particularly to well known and trusted sites (not just your company's website!), is a strong identifier that search engines can use to see if the page is topically relevant and if it is using/citing credible sources for its content. Whether you're publishing a press release or an Op-Ed article this action will build up the trust level search engines perceive in your content.

5. Develop Rich-Media Content

WireNews makes it easy to add up to six images and 1 video to every press release or article you publish. Including rich-media content like visually attractive images, screenshots, videos, slide presentations and/or data visualizations alongside your text content will also improve your content's search rankings. We will automatically publish your video content to our YouTube channel.

6. It's Nice To Share...

The ability to share your media easily will determine how 'Socially Acceptable' it is... and because search engines are strongly dependent on social data in detecting which pages are relatively popular, authoritative and current. It is critical for you to use the tools available on WireNews to drive more social signals to your published content. After posting your press release or article be the first to manually share your content. Our system will automatically distribute your media to a growing list of social media sites, but you can help the process by sharing your content to anyone you think might benefit from what you've written.

7. Size (Or At Least Length) Does Matter!

The length of your content matters quite a lot. Longer and more in-depth documents simply rank better in search results. So if you make your content more comprehensive than what your competitors offer your rankings will move up. We think that 750+ words is an excellent target to aim for in your content.

8. Internal Links Work Too

Once you start to build a list of press releases or Op-Ed articles on WireNews it's time to start linking them. Building internal links from your new media to other older, but related content, will entice clicks from visitors on these pages.

9. Schema and Microdata Implementation

Fortunately, WireNews takes care of this for you! Schemas are sets of tags specifically made for search engines that aim to assist search engines to better understand web-based documents.

10. It's All About Conversion Baby!

Every press release or Op-Ed article you publish through WireNews is capable of generating you revenue. Instead of linking to your homepage, when content is relevant, link to a product on your products page or to the "buy" button or link within your online store. Implementing conversion-oriented optimization to your published media will benefit you many ways, not just with search engine rankings, but by increasing sales. If your content relates to a book or product available on Amazon.com or any other website that offers an affiliate scheme take the time to register with them and then use the correct link to generate more income!

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