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IRW-Press: Newnote Financial CEO Message

Published on 15 April 2014

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by Press Office

(IRW-PRESS and WireNews)

Vienna, Austria

On behalf of the Board of Newnote Financial Corp. (the "Company") (CSE: NEU; FSE: 1W4), I am pleased to provide this brief update for our shareholders.  Pursuant to a fundamental change review, the common shares of Newnote Financial Corp. have been approved for listing by the Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE"). 

Although initially focused on the mining sector, it soon became apparent that Winrock Resource's Newnote Networks was garnering the most investor and customer interest.  With this formal approval, Newnote and its management team will be able to exclusively focus on growing its innovative crypto-currency related software solutions and services geared to this market.

Over the past month the Company has been working hard on realizing its goal of being an integrated provider of crypto-currency solutions.  We have launched a data center designed specifically to host our Bitcoin mining equipment to be used in our cloud hashing business, 'Newnote Miner' as well as hosting equipment for other Bitcoin miners.  We currently have nearly 10 terahash with an additional 40 terahash to arrive by year-end. The cloud hashing business is still in its infancy, it has become a multi-million dollar business and is expected to grow substantially as the Bitcoin price appreciates and further interest from non-technical people wish to engage in the mining of Bitcoin.

Our Puretrade Bitcoin Exchange is now in beta testing. In addition to trading Bitcoin, Puretrade will allow for other crypto-currencies to be traded for fiat currency as well as coin-pairings such as Bitcoin for Litecoin and vice-versa.  Puretrade will be the first exchange to trade our in house developed philanthropic crypto-currency CryptoAid. 

Puretrade.ca is Newnote's flagship Canadian exchange.   The Company has initiatives in place to license our proprietary technology to other countries seeking to operate a crypto-currency exchange. Newnote will be issuing a Request for Proposal following the official launch of Puretrade.ca and is already in talks with groups representing countries in Africa.

We're very pleased with the progress our team has made in developing our world-class exchange, with a special focus on security.  We have adopted technologies and methodologies to provide security and peace of mind for our customers. We've been designing the exchange to operate much like online stock trading, lessening the learning curve for new users. Having CryptoAid being traded on the exchange is a real bonus and other exchanges will soon follow suit.

Our first ATM has arrived, and we expect to confirm the location for this ATM in Vancouver very soon. All Newnote ATM machines are being offered to businesses as a franchise opportunity and are designed to purchase Bitcoin from our exchange in real-time.  The full integration of the ATM's will increase liquidity on our exchange while earning both the operator and Newnote commissions on transactions.

The gift card and cold storage crypto-currency wallets segment of our business is ready for deployment. Brian Gusko, Newnote Director and in charge of this division is currently in negotiations with retail stores to carry our products. Gift cards will soon be available on our website for purchase at current spot prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin among others.  Newnote is also offering white-labeled versions of our gift cards as we have purchased the hardware and designed proprietary software that enables the printing of Bitcoin public and private keys on the plastic card stock.

We've developed a new marketing service segment to our business out of the experience gained from developing our own crypto-currency. We call it 'VanityCoin' and it enables any organization to have a crypto-currency of their own to be used as a marketing tool.  For example, a soft drink company could have a QR Code under the bottle cap that can be scanned with a smart phone giving the consumer a SodaCoin which can be collected and later redeemed for merchandise or prizes.

I'm personally committed and extremely passionate about the significance of crypto-currencies and the development of software solutions with meaning and inherently profitable. Since our announcement of Newnote Networks in December, our highly skilled team has risen to the challenge we've taken on, enabling us to engage in the development of all our undertakings with very little financing and we are now on the cusp of delivering on our promises and being at the forefront of this incredible time in history.

About Newnote Financial Corp.

Newnote Financial Corp., a software and financial service company specializing in the development and acquisition of products and services specific to Bitcoin and other related crypto-currencies. For additional information, please visit www.newnote.com.

Company Contact Information:

Paul Dickson

President, CEO & Director

Newnote Financial Corp.


Suite 709-700 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8

Direct: 604-800-6749

Fax: 604-685-3833

Web: www.newnote.com

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Posted 2014-04-15 13:12:00