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About WireNews ™

Wiljam White

We're global, serving a global list of clients responding to a global marketplace.

About Wiljam White

Wiljam (or Bill) White, is the editor and driving force behind WireNews. For more information about him visit his Facebook page.

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This is what we do:

  • Publish breaking news;
  • Publish Op-Ed (opinion) pieces
  • Host & publish blog posts
  • Distribute corporate news/press releases;
  • Issue an internationally recognised Press Card

WireNews has been advising our members against posting their media through multiple websites since 2001. Today, it makes more sense than ever to deliver your message to the right audience. Many of today's largest agencies use WireNews to distribute their client's media due to our unparalleled success. Today, blasting your media out to the World, without a specific target audience in mind will actually reduce the overall value of your message.

In just 3-easy-steps, your compelling, relevant content will be delivered to the right audience and it will generate the kind of results you’re looking for and best of all, it's free!

WireNews distributes corporate press release to millions of consumers and top media contacts including:

  • Over 350,000 journalists;
  • Over 275,000 bloggers;
  • Many top search, news & media/blog websites;
  • Several of the most widely used Social Media Networks;

By publishing your company's press release with WireNews you can:

  • Increase traffic to your website;
  • Develop lasting SEO value for your website;
  • Achieve lasting Content Marketing Optimization;
  • Publish related video;
  • Permanently host your company's press releases;
  • Upload your logo or images;
  • Maintain unique contacts for each press release;
  • Ensure 'uniqueness' of your media;

Write For WireNews

Some like to call it 'citizen journalism'. If you'd like to write for WireNews, to contribute your op-ed (opinion) pieces for publication, the first step is to register! You have to choices: You can register as a Journalist or simply create a Blog account. Either way you'll get your own unique URL on WireNews where all of your articles will be posted.

Journalists are also invited to apply for and obtain an International Press Card issued by the WireNews Agency.

Get In Touch

Use the link for our Masthead for telephone and other contact information or follow this link to contact us by email.